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FAQs about our windshield repairs

Visit Auto Vision Center today for cost-effective windshield repair and replacement services. Trust us to help you stay safe on the road with our prompt and effective auto glass services. Vehicle owners can also take advantage of our lifetime warranty on workmanship.

Q. Do I need to call my insurance agent first?

A. No, it's not necessary. Most insurance companies are now using auto glass call centers for the reporting of glass-only claims. We work with these call centers daily and most invoicing is done electronically.


We're experienced at expediting this process and all we need from you is your policy information. We'll make the call to your agent for you if this information is not readily available. We work with ALL insurance companies and know most area insurance agents.


Q. What type of payment terms do you offer?

A. We accept cash, in-state checks with proper I.D., and most major credit cards.

Insurance and billing-related details

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Q. Is it possible for my windshield to break? If so, will I be reimbursed?

A. While it's unlikely, there's always a chance of the windshield breaking during the repair process. We cannot accept (nor does any other company) responsibility for these rare occurrences.


Q. How large a chip can you repair?

A. For an aesthetically acceptable repair, we generally work with damage the size of a quarter or less.


Q. How long of a crack can you repair?

A. Cracks extending more than one inch are usually not candidates for an acceptable repair. There are some exceptions to this but they must be handled on an individual basis.


Q. How long does windshield repair take?

A. Chip repairs generally will take a half hour or less.


Q. Will the damaged area be visible after the repair Is done?

A. YES. The process of windshield repair restores the structural integrity of the windshield so that the damage does not spread. You will always be able to see the actual impact point. We attempt to polish and hide this area but it's almost always visible.


Q. Can I drive my vehicle right away after a windshield repair is done?

A. Yes. There are no restrictions to driving or washing your vehicle after the repair process is complete.

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